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What is GET?

GreenNet Educational Trust (GET) is the parent company of GreenNet Limited, a benevolent organisation established in 1986.



GET's Articles of Association (extract) are:

The Company is established to promote the advancement of education and in particular but not exclusively to support, encourage, promote research into and develop the use of computers, electronic communications and information technology by the general public. In furtherance of said Objects, but not further or otherwise, the Company shall have power:

  • to cause to be written, and printed or otherwise reproduced and circulated, including by electronic media, gratuitously or otherwise periodicals, magazines, books, leaflets or other documents or films or recorded tapes;

  • to hold exhibitions, meetings, lectures, classes, seminars and courses either alone or with others;

  • to foster and undertake research into any aspect of the Objects of the Company and its work and to disseminate the results of any such research

Recent projects include:

  • Internet Rights. GET received funding from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust (JRCT) to carry out a UK based Internet Rights project, to continue to work to defend your right to communicate and support users' on-line campaigns and materials. This project aimed to support and compliment the work of the APC's Europe Internet Rights Project and other APC regional projects in Africa, Latin America and Asia.
  • GEM (gender Evaluation Methodology)
    Our Gender and ICT Evaluation Methodology (GEM) is a comprehensive tool which Provides - a guide to integrating a gender analysis into evaluations of initiatives that use Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for social change. - a means for determining whether ICTs are really improving women's lives and gender relations as well as promoting positive change at the individual, institutional, community and broader social levels - users with an overview of the evaluation process (including links to general evaluation resources) and outlines suggested strategies and methodologies for incorporating a gender analysis throughout the evaluation process, as well as a tool to support project planning, implementation and monitoring.
  • The GreenNet Educational Trust (GET) and WomenConnect presented a two-day workshop for women and women’s organizations in the UK in May 2003. The event looked at how women’s organizations in the UK were using, are using and could be using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to sustain their work, challenge inequality and bring about social change.

  • GET IT centre. Part funded by ESF and building from the work of the APC WNSP, GET offered free training for women and womens groups in Islington and nearby areas of Camden and Hackney. The centre mainly offered a series of basic ICT courses and flexible open access sessions.

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